The Route

This year we are planning to visit as many of the Bomber Command Stations located around Lincoln as we can on the 100 mile route.

All the past and current Bomber Commend Centres are shown on the map.

There are a lot, don't worry we won't visit them all but we do get to ride past 14 old sites along with some more places with an interesting RAF past.

We do climb some hills but not too many, in fact the climbing is slightly less than 2017

The feed stations are located in International Bomber Command Memorial Centre at 30 miles and Walesby Village Hall at 85 miles, and we are stopping for a hog roast lunch at Hemingby (at 63 miles)

The route will have every turn arrowed with green arrows on a white background as in previous years

You can download the route to your Garmin (other devices are available). 
1) Click on view full route
2) This opens up the route in Ride with GPS, click on“<< tab” on the right
3) The information box opens, click on “export” and then follow instructions to create the GPX file that you can upload
4)“Save as” the GPX file to your PC (usually in the downloads folder) and then copy and paste this file into your device 


The Appendix

First introduced in 2016 The Appendix - (the pointless bit in the middle)

It's longer and lumpier than the 100 mile route and will take you to 200km riding distance for the day.

Go on, you know you want to...

If you fancy testing your legs then The Appendix will take your ride up to 200km and 4300 feet of climbing in the day.

For those who use Strava the C2C2C route is broken down into many different sections. All of the Strava sections are included in the drop down list below. Simply click the arrow to choose one of the sections. The top ten performers, some of whom you may know, will appear in the table. Can you make the top ten? To view the full route click the Strava logo

C2C2C Uphill From Hemingby

C2C2C Uphill From Hemingby Standings/Leaderboard

  • Position
  • 1
    Ed S.
  • 2
    Neil T.
  • 3
    Dennis T.
  • 4
    Pete D.
  • 5
    David R.
  • 6
    Neil G.
  • 7
    Tim K.
  • 8
    Chris C.
  • 9
    Emma F.
  • 10
    Gary H.
  • 11
    Ann R.
  • 12
    Robert R.
  • 13
    Dave B.
  • 14
    Shaun O.
  • 15
    Marc W.