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If you've got any questions, get in touch with any of the organisers:
JOH: [email protected]

DJ: [email protected]

DB: [email protected]

CG: [email protected]

AB: a[email protected] (volunteers)

TW: [email protected] (charity nominations)

About The Event


Lincolnshire is a great county for cycling long distances because a) it's big, b) it's flat, and c) there's a lot of space in between the built up bits.

Lincolnshire is a great place to be in business because we can still maintain a quality of life and not spend several hours a day stuck in heavy traffic. If you think the Whisby Road roadworks were a pain, try driving into Leeds, London, Nottingham every day!

Unfortunately too much time sitting in an office makes us all candidates for an early visit to the hospital, so we had the idea of organising a bike ride for the business community to train for and also to have a bit of fun, whilst avoiding the ills of a sedentary lifestyle.

It is a great day out for Lincolnshire business people to get out and ride, meet a few others we may or may not know, raise a bit of money for local charities, get fit and have a reason to get fit.

Some people ride all of it, some ride in relay.

Mountain bikes, tandems, recumbents or Brompton - it doesn't matter what you ride, so long as you power it yourself.