It's here... C2C2C2017

That Was The Year That Was
 As we rode out for c2c2c16 in the bleary dawn-light of Brexit, if you had told me that Donald would be in the White House for c2c2c17, I’d have guessed that Mickey and Goofy would also be in the latest Disney film to Make America Grate again, rather than Huey, Louie & Dewey and other members of Donald’s nearest and dearest.
It Ain’t IS About The Money, Money, Money
 We had 532 riders tackle the 100/125 mile route and you raised £24,000 for our charities: Lincs MS Society, St Barnabas Hospice and Cyclists Fighting Cancer – a record amount (again!), so you will shortly have the chance to do it all again for c2c2c17.  More detail about this year’s ride to follow shortly, but just to make the point of what you did, here’s some feedback about the difference our fundraising made to our charities:

Veronica Brien – St Barnabas Hospice
“It never ceases to amaze me how supportive our local business community are of the work that we do. The funds and awareness raised from the C2C2C truly makes a real difference to being able to live out our aims and aspirations as an organisation.
Our ambition, for every patient we meet, is to enable them to live life to the fullest possible extent for however many days, weeks or months they have left. Through support from events like the C2C2C, we are able to turn this into reality, so a huge heartfelt thank you to all involved especially those who took on the gruelling 100 miles.”

Caroline Kew, Area Fundraiser of the MS Society
“The Lincoln Branch of the MS Society have an annual transport cost of around £5000 to get people affected by MS to the events the Branch holds because of the rural nature of Lincolnshire so you can imagine the pressure it takes off the branch's fund raising to know that your donation has covered 2 years of transport costs! Many thanks to the riders for and everyone else who made this possible! It’s amazing!”
Christina Butler – Cyclists Fighting Cancer
“Seven year old Kayden can’t walk, talk or eat without a feeding tube as a result of childhood cancer.  His mum wants to help him enjoy the great outdoors but he will only be able to do this using an adapted bike trailer with a highly specialised chair fitted inside. Kayden has been a fighter since birth.  He was delivered by C-section two weeks early and required bowel surgery when he was just one day old. He battled through his second operation to correct his twisted food pipe at just six weeks old, but by the time he had reached eight months Kayden had started having seizures. 
One year later Kayden was doing well- walking, talking and making great progress when the bombshell was dropped… “your child has cancer”.  Kayden became very poorly from his leukaemia and treatment and had to be rushed to intensive care where he was fitted with a breathing and feeding tube.  After being given very little chance of survival, he continued his fight against cancer, defied the odds and woke up!
Kayden finished treatment for Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia in March 2013 and is now in remission. However, the effects of his conditions and treatments will impact him for the rest of his life. For Kayden we will fit the trailer with a specially adapted seat to his mum’s bike so they can get out together and enjoy the great outdoors!
Kayden’s equipment and his mum’s bike will account for around £4,500 of the funds provided. I’ve had a quick look on our applications and there are currently three more requests in the Lincolnshire area to which we will allocate the surplus of the funding”
Even the surplus sausage rolls and flapjack were donated to Nomad Trust to support their work with our local homeless and needy (in spite of my best efforts to scoff as many as possible on the day)
Kind of makes a few hours cycling in the Wolds worthwhile doesn’t it?
A Brave New World
 Anyhoo, 2016 is history now and as we put away the last of the Quality Street that no-one wanted and work on our excuses as to why January wasn’t quite as dry as predicted on 31/12 we move on to c2c2c17...
We will be running the event this year on Thursday, 29 June 2017 – block the date out now. We are busy finalising the details for the event and in discussions with our super sponsors that ensure that every penny you donate can go to our charities for 2017. These are LIVES, Men’s Sheds projects and Lincs & Notts Air Ambulance. There will be more about these charities in future newsletters, but for now, we just want you to get ready to round up your teams…and give us your money.
There are a few changes this year to keep things fresh, including a new start and end point and that will involve a change to Stages 1 & 4.  We are also likely to have a slight change around the Coast lunch stop, but negotiations are underway, so you’ll have to wait and see.
Cue drum roll…….Registration is now open. The man in the overcoat, holding the clipboard, has written the instructions below, to save having to redo everything later.  So run your finger under each word and read them out loud to yourself, whilst sticking the tip of your tongue out of your lips if necessary, and concentrate:
As in previous year’s we are encouraging everyone to ride in teams as the ride is unsupported, it’s more fun, and you get to laugh at your co-riders errors...

  1. Log into our RiderHQ registration page
  2. Register yourself and create a team name (and password if you want one)
  3. Tell the other people in your team your team name (and password).
  4. They register and join your team 
    (Alternatively you can register your whole team and you will need the following information to hand for each rider: )
  • The rider’s name and home post code (to allow us to claim the gift aid on your donation...if you want us to)
  • We are still finalising the extras that each rider will get, but just in case…riders T Shirt size
    You can set up a team and then advise the final names and sizes at a later date but you do need to register (and pay) to secure the number of places you want in your team.
    Show & Tell
    We have set up a c2c2c Strava club for 2017: please join us... if you're not sure what Strava is, think Grindr for Lycra lovers. It's a fairly relaxed affair, but you might find a few others who are training for c2c2c17, if you fancy organising a few training rides to the pub. Dehydration is a known significant cause of poor performance.
    To join us, you can either search for the club under Lincoln area and click to request to join (you need to be on Strava first – it’s free), or click this link:
    To quote the Duck: “It’s gonna be great, folks…it’s gonna be great!”
    Go ride...