Not long now - new route

If you've been listening to the news in recent weeks, you will know that cycling to work can make you live longer, boost your mental capacity, reduce blood pressure, reduce pollution produced and ingested, reduce stress, save the NHS a bucket-load of cash, avoid the need for elasticated waist 'leisure pants' and make you irresistible …well at least to cycle retailers. And in what is rapidly becoming a tradition, we'll have another political election before the ride, so you'll be glad to get out on the bike to get a strong and stable core to get ready for all those new bank holidays and three day working weeks. Remember: be strong on the weak gradients, and weak on the strong gradients. By C2C2C2018 we'll be having a Lincolnshire independence referendum.

We are working with a few folks to try to improve options for cycle commuters in Lincoln - more on this later, and we might ask you to help us with a survey and get engaged.  If you don't, you will suffer a p*nct*re +/or more chafing. You have been warned, but hey -- its optional. If you don't work in Lincoln, feel free to march on your nearest council brandishing your bicycles in the air, burning old inner-tubes. Come the revolution, brothers and sisters…

All good things..

Not that we are boasting, but we filled our places before the end of March this year, 2 months earlier than last year and we are now in the dreaded Wait List zone.

Our handsome sponsors have an allocation of places and we will be contacting them shortly to find out how many spare places we have left for the patient waiters, so hang in there if your name is on the Wait List.

Buy Once, Give Twice (please)

If you have already entered but know that you won't be able to make the ride (poorly knee / washing hair / better offer), then could we ask you TWO IMPORTANT things:

  1. We will need a note from your Mum, excusing you from games on 29 June 2017
  2. Please consider handing back your place so that those on the Wait List can get on to the ride. Contact us if you want to give your place up. (If you leave your donation, you might even get an upgrade to business class, or at least a beer on the day), Just email us for instant warm feeling if doing something good for someone

Seek and ye shall find

Pay attention, Tomkins! If you turn up to the Lindum this year for the ride, then the good news is that there will be plenty of parking available…because we have moved the start / finish venue out of town.  The Lindum have been great hosts, and we've enjoyed many sunny evenings lying on the outfield listening to the sound of leather on willow. (Not the sound of a summer cricket match, just some hipster on a custom bike saddle). One of our biggest concerns as we've grown is the number of cyclists jostling with bleary eyed commuters in the morning light as we set off, and saddle weary cyclists fighting the evening rush hour traffic on the way back in. 

We are always worried too that we might just trash the beautiful lush greens of the Lindum in the event of a summer downpour, just as 300 cars leave the on-grass parking after a few beers.

Anyhoo, we will be starting and finishing this year at Lincoln Rugby Club on Lodge Lane in Nettleham. Before you reach for Google Maps, we'll send more info and directions later, but we will have more parking facilities and it also gives us the option to get a better route for Stages 1 & 4 that involves less riding in and out on the same road.

Did we also mention that the rugby club have promised us a beer festival after the ride…?

Which way, Tonto?

The intrepid trio have test ridden the new stages (in the snow, no less) and we kind of like it. The challenge, as always, is to find quiet roads, and we've even found a few villages we'd never even heard of. Sotby - who knew?! On the way back in on Stage 4, we will have to cross the A158, but have found as good a crossing as you will get, due to a generous hard shoulder and a filter-turn-right kind of junction so you won't have to play chicken with a lorry.

The new routes are now on the website. Stages 2 and 3 remain unchanged, and the "I'm hard, me" cyclists can still take on the Appendix  to notch up 200km on their seatposts. "It was easy, really" lied several riders last year.

We will also be sending you a route briefing note to read, ingest and acknowledge by signing in blood at registration. Whilst we do our darndest to make the route as safe as possible, you will be riding on public highway. You’re a big boy / girl now, so pay attention to other road users, act your age not your post Brexit shoe size and all will be well. Certificate below: fill it in yourself.

People, get ready

It's less than two months to C2C2C2017, so maybe now is a good time to dig the bike out of the garden shed, brush off the cobwebs, pump up the tyres and get out for a ride or forty-three ahead of the big day. There's shed loads of advice on t'internet about which bike to buy, food to eat, essential facial hair styling and how to blow bucket loads of cash on pointless gadgets, but the reality is if it’s got human powered wheels (preferably two) and it goes in a straight line without too much squeaking and can stop before hitting a wall, then it will probably be alright on the day.

If however, you're not a hair-shirt glutton for punishment, you might want to give your bike a bit of TLC before June. Support your LBS* and strike up a conversation with them They've got loads of tips and good advice to share and are keen to keep you cycling.

Fee Fi Fo Fum

Giant Doddington Hall are offering discounted bike power-fits for C2C2C  riders: the deal is £50 per fit, down from £85 for all C2C2C riders 2017. Even having ridden for over 25 years, I had my position tweaked last year and it has made a big difference to comfort over longer rides. To get the discount, here is what Mark said:

"The message is – Free Power! – all you need to do is call the shop on 01522 812518 and say you are riding the C2C2C this year and want free power!   Book early as we only do two a day and they are in demand. Follow the link for more detail on the Fit.  " 

Sweet Charity

Of course, we're only doing it for the benefit of others as we sweat and grind our way back to the bar and BBQ, and this year our charities are:

Men's Sheds

This movement began in Australia when men realised the value of  coming together around practical tasks on a regular basis, particularly if they had a designated place or workshop where tools and work in progress could be stored. This appeals to men both living alone or with partners and at all ages although the vast majority of ‘shedders’ are at or beyond retirement date. This transitional period not only brings a loss of a work role but also of identity, status, workmates, income and even a sense of purpose. Men can find themselves disengaged from their community if the pub or sports is not their thing. The generality of community activities on offer do not appeal to men and as they expect to meet their own needs then some level of social isolation can also occur. We will be supporting two projects, in Lincoln and Louth, both based on these principles

LIVES cycle response unit.

After a successful pilot, volunteers from the Lincolnshire Integrated Voluntary Service (LIVES) will now take to their bikes to respond to medical emergencies in the city. LIVES officially launched a Cycle Response Unit in Lincoln on December 8, which aims to quickly respond to medical emergencies in and around Lincoln City Centre.

The LIVES cycle response unit has helped 46 patients during the pilot period over the summer (2016), with an average response time of less than three minutes. By equipping a LIVES volunteer responder with a bike, they are able to take the most direct route to a patient, and get equipment as close as possible, and as quickly as possible.

Our fund raising will help secure the service.

Lincs & Notts Air Ambulance

Well known to many, since the Charity began - over 25 years ago -they have undertaken more than 18,000 life-threatening missions, delivering specialist medical attention to the people of Lincs & Notts in their greatest hour of need. Traveling at speeds of up to 160mph, our skilled team of pilots, doctors and paramedics effectively bring the equivalent of an A&E department to the scene of an incident and can transport a patient to a specialist unit or major hospital in a fraction of the time taken by road ambulance.

Less well known however, is that they must raise over £2M every year as they receive no state funding. As they look to increase the service levels for the people of Lincs & Notts, that figure will rise.  They also attend to quite lot of cyclists…

I would just like to thank..

Of course none of this would be possible, without the generous support of our sponsors, who have parted with cold hard cash, and ride essentials (including beer, crisps and flapjack) in order to keep you fed, watered, clothed and happy.


So give it up for:

Clydesdale Yorkshire Bank            Wright Vigar               APSS

Small Beer     Parkinson Harness Technology     Wilkin Chapman        Savills                        Nicholsons              Giant Doddington Hall                     Impsport         Cloud Lettings    One Step Beyond Events                      Bridge McFarland       Delta Simons Ringrose Law                            Thompson & Richardson Financial Services      Brand Four    Gelders

David Dales Photography       and      Starbucks Bakery

Get out & Ride

So there you have it. Yorkshire isn't the only cycling county in England (sorry, Sir Gary), even if it is a bit lumpier, but I didn't notice any of the Tour de Yorkshire rider's having a beer festival in Scarborough after Stage 1. So get out and ride, raise some money and seriously consider doing it in fancy dress.

*LBS stands for Local Bike Shop, a phrase only ever seen on cycling forums. Support yours because once they're gone, they're gone and will be replaced by something irrelevant to you lean, fit cycling machines.

The C2C2C Team

Jack, David, Dave, Claire, Jeannine, Torie