3 weeks to go...

C2C2017 Early June mailing

As the clock ticks down and C2C2C2017 draws closer, here are a couple of quick reminders to assist you with your final training and preparation.  We will email specific final ride day information shortly before the ride so please make sure you distribute to all riders on your team.

New Start Venue!

Lincoln Rugby Club - Longdales Park, Lodge Lane, Nettleham, LN2 2RS is the new start and finish venue for this year’s ride. We have more parking available and there will also be coffee & bacon butties available to purchase on the morning at the club, as well as a few extra beers on in the afternoon / evening.  The house band will also be playing later on so feel free to hang around and rehydrate after a long day in the saddle.

We will be sending a more detailed map of the rugby club in the mailing 10 days before the ride, along with specific ride information.

There is no specific start time, as the idea is that everyone finishes between 4pm and 6pm ready for the BBQ and bar.  The Rugby Club will be open from 6.30a.m. and riders are free to set off from 7am, but please ensure that you register with Jeannine before you set off and collect your wristband as you won’t get fed & watered without it and we won’t know you are out there.

New Route!

We have also amended the route this year, specifically Stages 1 & 4, which will be on even quieter roads than before. Hard to imagine, I know…but fret not -- they still end and start at Hemingby.

Please make sure you have checked out the routes beforehand – see http://c2c2c.co.uk/the-route for more information.

Each stage and The Appendix (the pointless bit in the middle that increases the overall distance to 200km and more climbing!) are detailed on there. Follow the instructions on the page. (Then go back and read the instructions again, after you try it without reading the instructions first…)

At the end of the day, you can pick your own route (deliberately or accidentally) as it is up to you to sort yourself out, but as in previous years, we have food stops at Hemingby (on the way out and back again) and also at Chapel Point, plus the Barbecue and bar at the end.

Please also check your inbox immediately before the ride as the route is subject to last minute changes due to roadworks and diversions, and the whim of the organisers.

You can also download the route to your Garmin if you are so inclined – GPX files are available to download from the website.

1 click on view full route in the top left corner of the route 

2 this opens up the route in Ride with GPS, click on the “<< tab” on the right

3 the information box opens and you then need to click on “export” and then follow instructions to create the GPX file that you can upload 

See you on the 29th

(remember wind is a great training partner!)