1 month to go

C2C2C A few weeks to go....

Flippin 'eck, it's a month to go and because of [insert your excuse here], you've forgotten to do some training. Sadly the recent weather isn't an excuse you can use this year. Maybe, 'too humid...'? Commuting by bike can be a great way to get some extra miles in between now and the day.

Rider cancellations
If anyone in your team is unable to ride, please let us know as soon as possible. Despite increasing the rider numbers slightly, we still filled up early. Then we had a wait list, which we have now released and yet we still have a l-o-n-g list of people beyond that who desperately want to give their money to our charities. Rider donations aren't refundable, but you can get a nice warm glow, knowing that you have enabled someone else to give the money to charity thereby doubling your donation.

100 miles / The Appendix
Although we have changed the route for this year (you did know that didn't you?), we still have the now 'pointless bit in the middle' for those who have something to prove and want to put another notch on their seat post. The 100 mile route / Appendix loop is up on the website and on Strava: www.c2c2c.co.uk/the-route if you fancy something longer and lumpier, then this will increase the ride to 200km and over 4,500 feet of climbing. Choosing one's unit of measurement is essential for bragging rights, don't y'know.

The general idea is to ride it straight after the Hemingby stop and then return to Hemingby for some more sustenance, before rejoining the main route and heading for afternoon tea at Walesby.

Can you let Torie ([email protected]) know if you are planning to 'go long' in the next two weeks, so we can make sure that we can have the cheerleaders ready at Hemingby as well as extra energy drinks. We won't hold you to it if you change your mind, but it will help us to plan / be in awe / laugh. You know you want to - Grrr!

Volunteers wanted
If you can't ride on the day or some of your colleagues want to help out, we are still looking for some volunteers to help on the day. If you are able to help, or want to 'volunteer' someone from your company, please contact Jeannine at Wright Vigar to proffer some help. She'll be VERY grateful... jeannine.thornley

On the day
We will be sending some final instructions shortly before the ride, but here is a very simple overview for those who haven't ridden with us before:

Start with the end in mind. There is no official start time. The aim is to finish between 4pm and 6pm back at the Rugby Club in Nettleham, before the BBQ has run out of food*. Don't forget to allow time for stopping, faffing with brakes, lunch at Hemingby, flapjack at IBCC / Walesby, hydration at the pub and general chit chat when getting your calculator out to work out your average ride speed and hence start time. Rider registration opens from 7:00am to 9:30am.
(* Don't worry, the bar won't run out of beer and pinot. Well, not beer anyway...)

It's not a race. Seriously, it isn't about how big your chain ring is. Ride, laugh, eat, chill and freewheel when you feel like it. You can take performance enhancing drugs if you want, but we won't be impressed.

Me, lost? As if... There are maps you can download from the website (see above) and we will be mailing a final route lost a couple of days before the ride. There will also be some arrows on the route at major junctions but you also need to have a bit of common sense.
There is also a gpx map one can download here for the 100 mile route https://ridewithgps.com/routes/

The bonk? Whilst we have snacks at IBCC / Walesby and a hog-roast at Hemingby, you might still want to carry something to snack on in case you are having 'a moment'. Also make sure you have a water bottle or two on your bike. And yes, remember to drink said water. Dehydration will slow you down quicker than lack of food. If it's feeling like a long time til lunch, then you can make minor diversions into Woodhall ?Spa or Horncastle for coffee and cake.

Have you seen this man...? You need to sign in before you set off, each rider needs to sign, and teams can sign in on return so we know you are not stranded in a remote Wolds village wearing nothing but lycra. "Well, hello there stranger!"

AONB The Wolds are designated an Area of Outstanding Beauty for a reason, so don't throw any litter - that's not a request. If the weight of an empty gel wrapper will slow you down too much, then you're on the wrong rise, or you should maybe fit a rear pocket to your time0trialling all-in-one suit. On second thoughts, you are on the wrong rise, but maybe Team Sky will hold a place for you.

The only criticisms we've ever had relate to litter (that, amd riding 5 abreast around corners and then meeting a Combine.....)

Keep on ridin'
Just to make sure you stay the distance, you might want to watch this:
Global Cycling Network: "6 Maintenance Checks to Make Before Your Next Big Event"

It wouldn't be possible without....
These are the wonderful local firms who are helping us to meet the costs of the day so all your lovely moolah can go straight to our charities.

We look forward to seeing you on the 28th at Nettleham

Jxxxxxxx, Dxxx, Dxxxx, Cxxxxx, Jxxx & Txxxx
(names deleted for GDPR purposes)