2018 Wash up edition

2018 - That Was the Ride That Was


We have been busy eating all the left over malt loaf, picking up the rubbish and wolfing the sausage rolls. Took a while to drain the rugby club bar though...


We had 535 riders on the day, of which 124 were century virgins.


Well, it turns out that the old trope about the British and weather holds true - more riders did not start in the year we had wall to wall sunshine, warm weather and a balmy non-breeze than when it was drizzling all day. I guess the fact that we love to moan about the weather meant the possibility of a missed opportunity, but bloody hell it was hot at times!  Judging by how hot it felt, I’m going to Stainton-le-Vale for my holidays next year.


So how was the ride? Well the green jersey (points prize) goes to the team of riders who decided that rehydration was more important than the King of the Mountains prize, and started their pub crawl at Binbrook and then diverted to Tealby, Market Rasen....last seen propping up the bar back at the Rugby Club.  The King of the Mountains polka dot jersey goes to the lady who trained by putting shopping in her panniers during hill-training. The Le Prix de la Combativité prize (red number for most agressive rider) goes to the man who, shunning the hog roast musette, set off on the Appendix, went off-piste somewhere around Salmonby, and returned as the sun set, sans hog-roast - chapeau, mon brave! I would recommend a Garmin GPS, but I’ve yet to meet anyone who could actually use one properly.


The maillot jaune goes to our charities Cycling Without Age; St Barnabas Hospice and the International Bomber Command Centre. I am very proud to say that from the rider donations we have raised around £25,000 for these worthy charities. Thanks you. This was our 8th Year and we have now donated over £120,000 in total to local charities. Duncan and Toplis raised about £7,500 - can anyone top that? Please let us know any amounts that you raised through sponsorship, so we can get an idea of what impact the ride has had.


One effect has clearly been a collective weight loss throughout Lincolnshire judging by the amount of XL and larger T shirts we have left.  The T shirts were a late addition to the freebies after we had filled the entries and so we had to guess based on last years entries. Next year we are going to order more size zeros, but if you have a medium or small and want to trade up, let us know.  At this point we don’t have any left for trading down.


If someone knows who the Health Secretary is today, can we have a word about NHS sponsorship for next year?


Next year’s ride will be on 27 JUNE 2019. It might even involve the Coast again. Keep an eye out in the New Year for an email to advise when registration is open and encourage a few novices to sign up for their first century ride. We’ve had a few (ahem) ‘learning opportunities’ from this year’s ride, that will be taken on board. Even though we Brits love to queue, we’ve already sorted out plans for next year’s ride through lunch stop. Would you like fries with that, madam?



We are always keen to find new sponsors - you lot are a thirsty and hungry bunch, so anyone keen to bask in the glory of getting our business community off our collective backsides and coming together for a long day in the saddle, please get in touch before we hunt you down.


So since the ride, the British press has remembered that they now love national footballers, optimism reigned for a brief while, May has changed her name to Maybe Not and Barnier has been admitted for surgery after splitting his sides laughing so hard. Hosepipe bans, Tour de France, Wimbledon, World Cup and now the European Championships- you’ve never had it so good.


Hope you have kept up the riding since C2C2C. I’ll avoid the zealous rant about green/ fit / congestion but you should get the idea by now. Next step, can you fit biking into your commute?


Have a great remainder of the summer and we will be in touch in the New Year, but keep an eye on social media for updates on your fundraising.