C2C2C 2021

In a year that we became experts in pathogens, antigens and correlation coefficients of infectious diseases, it became inevitable that our little ride might have to bend a touch, before the realisation two minutes later that it would be impossible to roll out the ride to the standard that you have become accustomed to. I was all for sandpaper saddles and grit sandwiches to test our mettle and to show we rise above such things here in Blighty.
In the end, we conceded and delayed for 12 months. A good job really as the weather was pretty dire on the day. Sandpaper saddles maybe, but all that rain….one might dissolve!
Anyway, roll on 2021 and we have renewed optimism, even if 2021 feels like a BBC repeat.  Following the science and government guidelines, the ride will / won’t / might be going ahead: Boris is optimistic it will go ahead, S’kier is demanding the polar opposite of whatever he said and Jonathan van Tam has told his mother to buy some new cycle shorts. Rishi just wished he hadn’t put his hand up when Sajiv said he was just popping outside for a few minutes. And the man in the kilt said he never voted for 2021 anyway.
We are still planning for the ride to go ahead on Thursday 1st July 2021 but right now it isn’t possible to be specific exactly how that will happen at this time. As you can appreciate there is a lot to manage in the current climate, so we will need to ask you to put your big boy / big girl pants on and rise to the challenge to help us make this year’s ride a success without falling foul of the rules. Tandems might be banned unless you live with your co-rider, and you may have to curb your enthusiasm at the feed stations to maintain social distance from Miss Hemingby.
Our original offer still stands though that if you held on to your place in the 2020 ride, we will guarantee you a place in the 2021 rescheduled event, but if you want to pull out now because of [whatever], then please let us know and we will arrange a refund.  Please do this via us though by emailing [email protected], because any other way causes a lot of hassle and time to resolve with our payment platform.
Watch this space…we will be making further announcements after Easter 21, but you have a good enough excuse to keep riding in the meantime.