The Road to Knowhere

Power meter?
Smart trainer?
On-board camera?
Garmin Graphene Aero 400Xe?
Collins Road Atlas? 

Oh bugger!


So we have a roadmap out of here. What could possibly go wrong? Providing we can figure out how  to upload it on to our Wahmin, it will be a breeze. Just expect a few one way streets, dead-ends, footpaths and pray it doesn’t run out of battery before we get to 1 July.
Still it’s all about data not dates apparently, so we’re not quite sure how the hell we plan for that other than we can tell you the ride takes place on 44378 at TF 01724 74773 and we are buying a truck load of food just in case.

All riders that had secured their places for 2020 have had their entries rolled over to 2021 (bar a few who had to withdraw) but C2C2C wouldn’t be the ride it is without a bit of controversy. The French riders who forgot to book their places in time last year have therefore declared C2C2C to be a bit merde, whilst still begging to get some last minute places on the 2021 ride. Ever mindful of a bit of entente cordiale , Bozza has asked that we let them have some places —so, if anyone can spare four Zwift set ups, could they deliver them to the Premier Inn at Immingham where the French riders will still be in quarantine on 1 July.

Having just watched Scotland beat France in Paris (Alex Salmond is throwing a party to celebrate, but no caviar apparently), one feels that anything is possible, and maybe our tenth ride will happen eleven years after we started at the Vic on Union Road with 79 riders, ten of which have a fully stamped brevet.

Our aim has always been that C2C2C is not just another ride, more of an energetic  four course meal, and so we have been quietly (frantically) planning in the background, keeping a beady eye on the unicycle of chance to see if we will get the ride underway in the style to which you have become accustomed to. That said, Chris Whitty might be monitoring the Jelly Babies so you we may need to adapt in a few areas.

We are not out of the woods yet (Garmin users will sympathise) but so far everything is moving in the right direction and we have secured some critical steps, so brush the cobwebs off the bike, slap on your leg warmers and get ready....for a haircut.
Watch this space...
Hands Face Jelly Babies