Data not Dates

Data not dates

...said no-one ever on Tinder. Neil Ferguson clearly preferred dates to data, but what does he know about disease transmission?

That said we are going to give you some dates anyway, of the Calendar variety.

It is 6 weeks to the longest day - pubs / BBQs / parties / mass gatherings on the day that restrictions will be relaxed, allegedly. You’ve then got two weeks to recover, before…

It is 8 weeks to the second longest day of the year - C2C2C and our tenth ride. Seriously, it is now time to get the bike out of the back of the shed, pump up the tyres, slap on the chamois cream (you do, don’t you?) and quit procrastinating and get out and start practising. OK, maybe when the rain and wind stops...and it isn’t too sunny...or too windy, or snowing. Hello...its May already!

If you wait for the weather to be “just right” for riding, you probably won’t ride much. There’s an old saying: There’s no bad weather, only bad clothing. Then they invented Zwift and ruined a perfectly good saying.

Pic Brendan Leonard


If the thought of being shamed by your peers for your lack of training after you gasp your way up the hill at Stainton Le Vale isn’t enough to spur you on, why not make some bold statement of intent and seek sponsorship for your favourite charity (or ours!) – they need it after a tough year for fundraising.  This is best done after May 17th when you’ve been back inside a pub for a few hours and will be making lots of bold gestures and promising to ride it in a dress / kilt / Minion suit.

The rule of six....hundred

Thankfully, it is looking like we will be clear of most restrictions by the time of C2C2C21, but we are planning on the basis that there will still be some requirements for social distancing. (We have had the triple tandem lengthened especially). 

More detail will be coming out later that you will need to read, but we expect the ride to be able to go ahead as normal but with a few precautions needed at start / finish and the feed stations. Jelly babies will be individually wrapped and thrown at you from a distance of no less than two metres. If you want water, you had better wear a poncho as Miss Hemingby’s aim isn't that good with a hosepipe from 6 feet.

You will need to carry a mask with you for the feed stations, (or you can pull your buff up over your nose if you like the look of Lone Ranger meets Village People).

The route will be the same as ridden in 2019 (Rugby Club / Hemingby / Saltfleet / Walesby / Rugby Club) and the bar will be open and the barbie will be lit as we sacrifice pigs, cows and maiden vegetables to the gods of saddle sores.

Please note, in order for the ride to be able to go ahead, we need you to put your serious pants on and act like a big boy / big girl. There will be some minor changes to the start protocols that you WILL need to have read before the day so we can avoid large crowds at the rugby club. I know we have said the ride is all about the riders, but for this time, we need to be mindful of the volunteers and the unwashed / unvaccinated, so make sure you read the instructions ahead of 1 July 2021 and be organised. Well more organised than usual - you know I am talking about you. Feel free to nag other riders on your team.

As Jonathan van Tam said “There’s jelly babies, sausage rolls, the Wolds and 100 miles to a pint of Pinot at the finish line - get your padded shorts on, Mother!”

We carried forward all places from last year due to the postponement. So we know of any availability for this year, please advise if you do NOT want your place for 2021. The cut off date for any refunds will be 14 May 2021, (but we gladly welcome any donation of previously paid sums!)

See you soon...


The C2C2C DS’s