Stuff you need to know now for C2C2C 2021

1 July 2021
07:00 am Lincoln RFC at Lodge Lane, Nettleham LN2 2RS
the beer runs out or its too dark to see your feet
Saltfleet Lunch
Nettleham BBQ
We will be using a QR registration system that will require you to prepare before the day and use your phone to register.
We will email every rider with their individual QR code that you will need to register on the morning of the ride.
Please can you ensure that each member of your team has a valid email address registered for them. If you need us to update your riders records please email the rider name and their email address. 
In the style of every northern bouncer in 1990, “no QR code no entry”…(trainers are allowed but not recommended).
More info to follow nearer the day
We are asking everyone to carry a mask with them and also to take a lateral flow test the day before the ride to help ensure we can maintain the best possible safety of all the riders and volunteers on the day. No you don’t have to show proof on the day, but you’ll get a mystery chain break somewhere if you don’t take the test. Don’t worry about inserting a swab into various orifices, it can’t be harder than 100 miles in glorious unbroken sunshine.
You can order your home testing kit here Don’t confuse it with a pregnancy testing kit.
If you have two lines showing, then embrace your isolation and please don’t turn up (or start knitting bootees)
More info will follow over the next few weeks but I think you had better get out training. Official training has now started now that you can shelter inside the pub.
Directeurs Sportifs