C2C2See you next month

Not quite down to the attention span of the TikTok generation but here is the latest bite size update on next month’s ride. Apply your own filters and gifs, bro / sis.

The Route
So good we are riding it twice. 2021 is the same as the one we rode in 2019 https://c2c2c.co.uk/the-route and we are offering a Ride-100-get-25-free option of the Appendix for the strong of thigh and brave of heart.
Nettleham is currently on the green list, so no need to quarantine after the ride but suggest you don’t linger too close to the coast if there’s a strong Easterly.
The Nag
We need any name changes or drop outs advising by 25 June at the latest. We need to have all rider details ready before the day as part of our pre-registration safety plans. 

A reminder that we need an individual email address for every rider as we will be issuing  QR codes that will be needed to register on the morning of the ride. You will not be permitted to ride without your individual QR code.
There will be no on the day registrations or sign ups. Sorry - it’s just not happening / nothin’ doing so don’t even ask.
The Good Samaritan
If your team is planning on having a support vehicle could you please let us know the drivers name / mobile number as this can be very helpful for assisting riders with mechanicals etc on the day.

The Grub
We are still waiting for news on what might / not happen  on 21 June which might impact what we can do on the day but we will have our  usual feed stations at Hemingby and Walesby plus lunch at Saltfleet. We will still likely have some form of distancing in place and the need for masks. Given the amount of Lycra and post lockdown bods on display 2 metres might not be enough for some, but we won’t be having the lucky dip jelly babies bowl and will have some need to wrap food etc. This may make the flow a little slower this year, so bear that in mind and make sure you also carry some spare food / be ready to pop into the Co-op if you’re in a rush to get to the bar.
Later, kids.

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