Reasons to be cheerful….

Things to note in this email:

  • No family or entourage allowed at the Rugby Club,
  • Groups of up to 30 only at the feed stations and BBQ,
  • No showers and no entry to the Rugby Club except to use the toilets on a one in one out basis,
  • Masks to be worn when not on bike or eating,
  • Lateral Flow tests to be taken the day / morning before ride,
  • NHS Track & Trace app to be downloaded before the ride and used on the day at the Rugby Club and feed stations,
  • Support vehicle briefing is attached.

Read on if you have graduated from Janet & John Book 4 and can handle long sentences.


Well the good news is that despite the ‘Oh, bugger I know I said it was 21 June but who knew viruses mutate’ (in)decision, we are still able to go ahead with C2C2C on 1 Julybecause we could before 21 June under the current regulations and guidance because we are jolly nice people*.


As will be no surprise to any one with a modicum of intelligence, there are some buts to that statement.


Mind the Gap

In a broad brush to save you the detail, we will have to maintain social distancing when not on the bike. If you want to flout that rule whilst on the bike, then good luck with the gravel rash.

We have sought specialist advice from the Velominati and have a dispensation that exempts us from Rule 28 and there is a 2021 only exemption that your mask does not need to match the colour of your handlebar tape. This is because you will only be wearing the mask whenever you are off the bike:

Please don’t tell the Velominati that we ignore nearly every other one of their rules on C2C2C.


Exit through the Gift Shop

You will have to cancel the glitter cannons, the flag waving family and champagne corks with portraits of bike held triumphantly aloft your head after you cross the finish line this year as we have a strict route through the finish line that doesn’t allow any space for your entourage and groupies. Once you cross the line, you will go straight to collect your merch bag (the merch is the bag) and then return your bike to your car, van, manservant before retiring to the rugby pitch for a beer and burger. Sadly in order to be able to stage the ride, we have had to limit numbers to RIDERS ONLY and therefore family and friends cannot attend the rugby club / BBQ. The bar choice will be limited by necessity to fit in with the rules but don’t worry, there will be a bottle with your name on it, unless your name is Jack Daniels, or Johnnie Walker, or Pinot Grigio, or….


The BBQ will still proceed (within the rules, natch) but you will need to remain in groups of less than thirty sprawled across the grass. Thou shalt not mingle between groups nor enter the rugby club other than to recycle said beer. There will be no showers this year, but 2m social distancing should make it bearable for others.

The sharpest tools in the box amongst you will realise that this poses a problem if it is peeing it down or there is an unexpected snow storm. You will still be able to collect a beer and burger and you can then either chow down en pied, sit out in the rain (Rule 5) or retire to your car for the C2C2C drive-thru diner experience before heading home to upload your Strava magnificence.

We had booked a tribute band, G7, but I hear that their Cornwall concert was a bit iffy, poor dance moves, Heidi didn’t read the dress code and Francois has taken his ballonhome after a row at the after-gig BBQ about sausages. They didn’t even do Reach For the Stars, for heaven’s sake!


If in doubt, put a mask on it when your bum isn’t on the saddle and your feet aren’t on the pedals, and that includes the feed stations, to be mindful of our fantastic volunteers who get up at stupid-o’clock to process, feed and keep you safe. You may think you look like Daniel Craig exiting the water, but you are a potential walking biohazard in Lycra – the volunteers’ masks simply disguise how excited they are to see you.

Don't forget that you MUST take a lateral flow test the day / morning before the ride.

It is also a legal requirement that you scan the NHS Track and Trace codes which will be at the Start / Finish and the feed stations. Please ensure you have downloaded the app prior to check in.

I’ll be there for you

Some riders have support cars to hand out bonhomie, innertubes and cereal bars, but given that the ride is deliberately on the quieter roads for the sake of the riders, this can cause problems if the cars follow exactly the same route. There is a briefing note attached for all support car drivers that essentially asks them to support their riders but not to hinder the other 649. If the route is narrow / busy please ask your car driver to use an alternative route with occasional rendezvous, and not to drive 200 yards behind you all the way. Stalking is illegal anyway, especially if it’s not their rider.


There is a different parking system at Nettleham for support cars to make sure we don’t get cars playing chicken with bikes as they enter/exit. Please make sure support car drivers identify themselves if arriving at Nettleham and please share mobile numbers with our team in case another rider needs some emergency assistance. At feed stations, please make sure the support cars do not park in the immediate vicinity of the feed stations as we need extra space to allow for social distancing amongst the riders and volunteers. (There is separate parking  at Hemingby 100 yards west-ish of the feed station on the road out towards Fulletby)


Working My Way Back to You

Here are the locations of start / finish and the feed stations, as well as the Hemingby Car Park, in case you go sightseeing on the day:




Hemingby Car Park 




*Shiny Happy People

The real reason we can go ahead with the ride is because we are an organised event and qualify under the rules. Your dedicated C2C2C team have been trawling through the documents, British Cycling rules and DCMS guidance and we meet the required designations (but we are jolly nice people, anyway). Some of the rules are quite bizarre, but being fine upstanding citizens we will be embracing all the rules, even including the one that says (I kid you not):  

Avoiding equipment-sharing where possible. Teams should limit the number of players handling the same ball during warm-ups, and ensure the balls are frequently sanitised.

We are an all inclusive ride and therefore volunteers should apply / fight it out with Ms Hemingby as to who gets that job.


Return to Sender

Some riders have not been getting our emails if they have opted out of Mailchump in the past. Please check your team know what to do on the day for registration etc as they will need their own email address.

All mailings are available under Latest News on the C2C2C website

QR codes will be sent directly from RiderHQ on Monday 28th June and will need to be scanned at registration on the day to receive your rider number and wristband. QR codes can be printed if preferred or scanned directly from your mobile.



It is our tenth birthday, even though we are now 11, so remember to have fun. Party games will involve masks, gel and beer but not pass the parcel, kiss-chase or twister and no car keys will be thrown into the middle of your posse of 30 on the grass, unless sanitised first, obvs.

Plus tard, mon petits braves

C2C2C Rule Checkers